How to Pick the Right Boating Shoes?

Do you want to actually try on new boating shoes and not continue to wear those flip flops to your boating adventures? Great decision. However, picking the right pair of boating shoes can be a little tricky if you do not know how to pick them correctly. Here are some tips that will help you.

What Are the Questions to Ask Yourself?

One of the main things that you should be doing is asking yourself some very important questions. For example, what kind of sailing or boating will you be doing? Will the shoes you choose support and cover your feet? Will they offer you good traction on the deck? Will they be enough to keep your feet warm or if needed cold? Will the shoes be the kind that are non-scuffing?

Always Shop from Reliable Places

One of the main things that you should be doing is shopping at a quality boating store like where you can buy online as well. Shoes that are meant to be worn on boats will be sized a bit differently than normal shoes will be. They can also be made out of leather, suede, canvas or any other kind of material that may be synthetic.

You will therefore need to do some browsing where you can find the one that perfectly meets your needs. You will also need to check for comfort levels and the quality. If you like shoes that can be put on and taken off really easily you will need to look for something that does not have any laces on it and they are sometimes known as reef runners. Sometimes the price could actually indicate quality levels when it comes to boating shoes so be prepared to spend a little bit on this one.

Make Sure the Sole Is Good

It is really important that your boating shoes have a good sole on them. Having the right rubber soles will help you to stay warm and will also keep you safe from otherwise sliding or rolling on decks which are slippery as this can get really dangerous. In order to make sure that you are buying the right one, follow these instructions. Look at the sipping or the wave pattern on the sole.

These will help hold on to the surface and will also push the water out from under the sole. The one that looks like a dog’s paw is known to be good. You should also next pay attention to the dryness and the comfort level of the shoes. They should ideally have wicking in them to make sure that the footbed of the shoes is always as dry as possibly can be given the situation. Leather uppers can be good but compared to synthetic uppers, they will take a longer time to dry.

A Good Tongue

Having a good pair of deck shoes also means that they should be having a good padded and cushioned tongue so that your feet are comfortable. You should look for removable insoles that will be able to give you a lot more comfort and that will also dry faster when you take them out.

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