Menu Planning Tips for an Outdoor Summer Party

Getting food prepared for the big day is an important step in party planning. If your party is, of course, going to be held in an indoor venue planning food and beverages will not be a difficult task. But for an outdoor venue you might have to make some changes in the preparation of the menu7. Take a look at the following tips to see what are the tips you need to remember when planning an outdoor party menu.

Get a Cooler Ready

For an outdoor party that is specially going to be in summer, cool drinks or cold desserts are a must. But the disadvantage with being outdoors is that your drinks will not stay cold for long and your desserts will start to melt soon because you will not always get the opportunity to use a refrigerator. Therefore, the best way to make sure your drinks and desserts stay fresh is by having a cooler ready to store your food items until it is time to serve them. This will also save you from several difficulties such as dealing with melted ice cream.

Be Ready for Bugs

Bugs and insects will be hard to avoid in an outdoor party and you need to be ready to keep your food safe from them. Keeping each food item, you prepared in separate closed containers is one way to protect them. Using food covers is another idea to try out. Especially if you want to set the food table before the guests arrive you can try preparing the table and sheltering your food with a food cover. You can use the same covers to cover your beverages if you are using glasses or jugs. But if you are going to opt for plastic or paper cups, look for ones with lids to keep them safe.

Have Enough Water

Outdoor parties can get hot. When you are going to have a party that is going to be under the summer sun, the last thing you need is to leave your guests parched. While you might have cool drinks ready, nothing beats thirst like a good glass of fresh water. You can look for water distributors close to your area and get water supplied to the party. This will be one of the easiest and best options if this is a large outdoor celebration. If the party is going to be a simple one in your backyard or a pool party, you can try setting up temporary taps or water filters where the guests can get enough water.

Your enemy when planning an outdoor summer party is the sun and insects. In order to make sure your guests are not uncomfortable because of either of the two, you need to be prepared to deal with the challenges that comes with them. Making sure no bugs can come near your food and ensuring the heat does not bother your food or your guests will help you to have the party menu ready without a glitch.

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