The Country You Should Add To Your Bucket List: India

If there is one thing anyone anywhere across the world will agree on is that life is short and every moment you live should be worth it. Because at the end of it all what does your life even mean if you don’t have a story to tell? So you should live your life fully and experience the best that the world has to offer. Before your life comes to an end and you are too old and fails to travel you need to visit this country. It is one that has such a rich culture and is so diverse when it comes to the experiences it offers. Moreover, the environment and landscape are also very diverse from snow-capped  mountains to deserts, you can see so many of nature’s wonders.

Hospitality Comes First

No matter where you are in this country, one thing that remains constant is the hospitality of the people. They treat them with so much respect regardless of whether you are an Indian or a foreigner. This hospitable nature is also prevalent in the rest of the population. If you ever need help, you can find it with ease. If you greet a local you will be greeted back with warmth. You will be  treated to meals and invited to homes. That is just kind Indians are. So no matter how far away from home you are, you will always feel a sense of comfort and warmth.

The Diversity Is Amazing

If you take tours of India you will be left stunned by just how many different cultures and traditions the country has. From dance styles to clothing, customs and even food each state has something unique to offer. You could visit Tamil Nadu for the most delicious vegetarian food from Dhosai and Idlis to yummy not so vegetarian food such as Chicken Chettinad and Buriyani. In Kerala you could take a trip on a boat down one of the many rivers that flow through the state and admire the music or attend a mesmerising kathakali performance. If you go up  north to Rajasthan, you can experience a rustic yet enticing culture. From Camel rides across Deserts to seeing palaces and forts, this state has so much to offer if you are interested in experiencing an environment that may look harsh but has been a place of glorious importance for centuries.

It Is Incredibly Easy On Your Wallet

This is probably the biggest reason why you need to travel to the country. Yes, other countries can offer a lot of experiences but they charge you a lot of money for it. A trip to India, however, is very affordable and does not leave a dent on your wallet. The public transport system is convenient and cheap. Food is also very affordable. You get spoilt for choice when it comes to affordable hotels. Moreover, as the surface for interstate air travel is very cheap you can visit many states in different parts of the country in very little time. So you really don’t need to be rich to vacation like a king.

In the end, India has so much to offer at such little cost, so it is a huge mistake to never visit this country even once. So don’t make this mistake. Travel to this amazing country and experience for yourself just how wonderful it is.

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