Your Ultimate Guide On Travelling To Australia

If you plan on travelling to Australia solo then here is your guide. By simply following it, you will be assured a trip to remember.

Stay In A Backpack Hostel

Every time we travel with our friends or family we tend to take a hotel or Airbnb. When you are travelling solo staying in these places will simply bore you. So make sure you stay in a backpack hostel, this way you will be able to socialize with other travelers and make some new friends. Apart from that it is also inexpensive to the remaining cash could be spent on indulging some delicious food or trying out activities that you have never done before. 

Try Different Cuisines

Whether you are travelling to Australia or any other country, your trip is incomplete if you have not tried dishes from different restaurants. Australia is known to have some famous restaurants in places like Maribyrnong. This is located near the lake house and has a breathtaking view. This is the perfect spot to take those Instagram worthy pictures while you indulge in the Middle Eastern food. The staff is extremely friendly so even if this is your first time trying this cuisine they will guide you on choosing one of their best sellers so do check them out. Apart from that there are also different street markets that offer snack packs, bubble waffle and lots more. It is every food lover’s dream so make sure you try out the famous dishes here and you will not regret.

Try Different Sports

One of the best things about solo travelling is that it helps you to meet new people. It also helps you to understand yourself better as you finally understand what are your likes and dislikes. So in order to make memories and make this a trip to remember you will have to go out of your comfort zone and try things that you have never done before. For example, skydiving is known as an extreme activity and unlike other countries it is cheaper in Australia so do try it out. Also don’t forget to pay a little extra so that you could capture the moment where you are chilling up in the sky. You could also do hiking, there will be groups here so you could meet someone special walking up the hills. While you are doing all these make sure that you enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture it. This is something all of us need to start doing again.

Theme Parks

Your trip to Australia is incomplete if you don’t go to the gold coast in the queen’s island. This park has rides for every age group and has some crazy rides that you should not miss out. For example, they allow you to experience underwater life while you are in a cage with oxygen. This is one of the famous ones here so be sure to go for it when you go there!

Lastly, if you want to experience luxury then don’t forget to book a yacht, it is extremely affordable unlike the ones in other countries.

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