6 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Africa

There’s nothing worse than going to a country completely unprepared and having the consequences rob you of a relaxing vacation. If you want to make sure that everything goes right and according to plan, then this article is just for you! Before you plan out your tropical getaway, make sure you’ve thought of each of these aspects!


Having to get insurance doesn’t mean that this is a sure sign that something is going to go wrong. It just means that you are accepting that sometimes life is a bit unpredictable so just in case something does happen, you’ll be fully prepared. In case of a hospital visit, your insurance will ensure that your money will come right back to you after your vacation. Make sure to keep all your bills, however.

Money Matters

When travelling to Africa, you’re definitely going to be in need of a VISA card or money card but make sure you get information from your respective bank on withdrawal costs and the like. It’s also worth remembering that in certain areas, getting funds from an ATM might prove difficult so just in case this does happen to you, you’ll want to be prepared with money on hand. US dollars would be the best currency to have on you so make sure to convert your cash before setting off.


Yes, it’s a universal fact that Africa can be rather hot. So you’ll want to be packing light clothes that will help on those African safari tours and explorations. But do keep in mind, however, that in certain religious communities you’ll have to dress more conservatively (i.e. at least have your knees and elbows covered) as a show of respect. Make sure to pack some tops that will also keep your shoulders covered or a scarf- you never know when you’ll need it on your wanderings.


You’ll notice that the plug points are similar to those used in UK so it’s best that you bring along your own power adapter. You can also get these in Africa itself so if you do run out of time when packing, don’t stress- you can buy it later.


If there’s one thing that always put travellers in a fix, it’s losing documents. It could happen to even the best of us so make sure you take copies of everything- your passport, insurance, plane tickets etc. Store it separately from the originals. This way if anything does go missing, you’ll save a lot of time and hassle in getting things done.


We all love to capture our moments but you might want to be careful where you do it. Actively remind yourself not to photograph any government building or airports as this can get you in trouble with officials and have your equipment confiscated.

These are the most important things you need to keep in mind before taking that leap. We hope this was enough to give you a comprehensive idea of how you want to plan this journey out!

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